We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice. We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are. JB

Valentina Galossi is an Independent curator born in Rome (1979) and based in Berlin and Rome. She has several years of experience in the fields of Film, Performance and Fine Arts. In Rome, she worked as a curatorial researcher for the Ministry of Culture (2004 – 2010).


In the last few years, she has collaborated with international galleries and institutions, focusing on the contemporary art market. She has worked for various galleries in Berlin, including Jochen Hempel and Sexauer. In 2015, Valentina curated BerlinRoma – Reverse Inequality, an international group exhibition at Ebensperger Berlin. She also organized Sundowner, a series of interventions/performances on the terrace of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Valentina Galossi currently works with contemporary artists. Life of artists in Berlin is the first art guide of its kind and the first art book she has written.


Valentina Galossi is Counselor for Freunde von der Neue Nationalgalerie. Galossi was International Juror in Contemporary Art at the University of Hartford, USA (2018). 

She gives lectures on Contemporary Art at Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Udk – Universität der Künste Berlin and BBK-Berlin. Additionally, Mrs Galossi is part of Saloon a network of women in Contemporary Art and a member of Independent Collectors.


Valentina earned a B.A. in Performing Arts and a M.A. in Digital Arts, additionally a fellowship in Contemporary Art at “Palazzo delle Esposizioni”. In London, Tate Modern, she participated at the production of a Site-Specific dance performance for the Turbine Hall, co-produced by the Barbican Centre. She was Resident Curator at Node Center for Curatorial Studies, where she co-curated Faraway, So Close!, in collaboration with Grimmuseum and Künstlerhaus Bethanien.


Educational background


 / Educational in Contemporary Art, MOMA, on line course, What is Contemporary Art? (2020)

/ International Curatorial Residency at Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin (2012)

/ The Next Stop – Education on Contemporary Art – Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (2011)

/ Volunteer at Tate Modern, London (2011)

/ Digital Arts Master Degree (cum laude), La Sapienza, Rome (2004)

/ Performing Arts Bachelor (cum laude), La Sapienza, Rome (2002)


Professional experience


 lecturer in Contemporary Art

/2022–current Udk- Universität der Künste Berlin

art director

/ 2021–2022 Galerie Jochen Hempel

manager in Communication & Research

/ 2019–current Armin Linke Studio

guest curator

/ 2019 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

professor, lecturer in Contemporary Art

/ 2019–current BBK – Berlin

guest curator, professor

/ 2018 University of Weimar

art editor 

/ 2016-2018 lab life of artists in berlin – an art guide

international juror, goldfarb prize 

/ 2018 University of Hartford School of Art


Curator – selected exhibitions


/ 2022

Feeling Purple

Retramp Gallery, Berlin

Drawings, Objects and Scenographic Laboratory by Marta Colombo

Curated by Valentina Galossi & Katia Hermann


/ 2021

I.T.P.A. Immersive Tantric Painting Awareness

Retramp Gallery, Berlin

Paintings by Caterina Silva Performance by Caterina Silva and Liza Buzytsky Curated by Valentina Galossi


/ 2018

4 Berlin Artists in Rome

The Independent – Maxxi. Una Vetrina, Rome

Artists: Gregor Hildebrandt, Caroline Kryzecki, Anja Schwörer e Anna Talens.

Curated by Valentina Galossi


/ 2015

Berlin Roma – Reverse Inequality 

Patrick Ebensperger Galerie, Berlin

Artists: Elisabetta Benassi, Isabelle Borges, Alessandro Cicoria, Rä di Martino, Valerie Giampietro, Amélie Grözinger, Caroline Kryzecki, Philipp Lachenmann, Gemis Luciani, Bjørn Melhus, Olaf Nicolai, Max Paul, Andrea Sala, Giulio Squillacciotti, Maria Thurn und Taxis, Marlon Wobst, Peter Welz.

Curated by Valentina Galossi & Amelie Grözinger

Patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute

Media partner Flaneur Magazine

The group show Berlin Roma – Reverse Inequality has been reviewed by: CURA magazine, Nero Magazine, RivistaSegno, Il Deutsch Italia, and Last Night in Berlin


/ 2014

Uros Djurovic, The Gift, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin

Curated by Jan-Philipp Sexauer

Assistant Valentina Galossi


/ 2013

Alexander Iskin, Bastards Clubs, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin

Curated by Jan-Philipp Sexauer

Assistant Valentina Galossi

Herbert Volkmann, Society Coma, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin

Curated by Jan-Philipp Sexauer

Assistant Valentina Galossi


/ 2012

Faraway, So Close! by Node Center for Curatorial Studies, in collaboration with Grimmuseum and künstlerhaus Bethanien, during 7th Berlin Biennal. Fichte-Bunker, Berlin 

Artists: Mario Asef, Stuart Bailes, Ivan Bošković, Stephanie Comilang, Jenny Ekholm, Boris Eldagsen, Assaf Gruber, Brendan Howell, Gemis Luciani, Paula Muhr, Julian Oliver, Olve Sande, Elizabeth Skadden, Kasper Vang, Kim Westerström.

Curated by Valentina Galossi together with Nodes Center fellows


/ 2012

Pieces of Space, Gemis Luciani, with the Support of Italian Cultural Institute, Joao Cocteau

Curated by Alexia Werrie and Valentina Galossi



You and I: Berlin, Song-Ming Ang, Joao Cocteau

Curated by Alexia Werrie, Kenneth Paranada, Valentina Galossi



Live performance with Mali Weil and Kasper Vang: “Please, dear guest, No commemoration”, Berlin, Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Curated by Alexia Werrie and Valentina Galossi


Cultural Event, Art Project, Art Consultancy and Open Studio



Galerie Mond

public speech introduction by Valentina Galossi for the exhibition Traces by artist Ameret



Udk – Universität der Künste Berlin 

Lecture – worskhop: How to start a career as a Freelancer Artist by Valentina Galossi


/ 2022

Talk me Art

series of online video-interviews commissioned by Galerie Jochen Hempel, directed and created by Valentina Galossi

artists: Barbara Proschak, Carsten Fock, Erik Swars, Elsa Salonen, Frank Moll and Maxine Attard


/ 2021

Do you read art?!

two series of online video-interviews directed, created and produced by Valentina Galossi 

artists: Michael Sayles, Jay Gard, Anja Schwörer, Peter Welz, Gregor Hildebrandt

curators, galerists & art collectors: Peter Ibsen, Pierre Granoux, Jan Kage, David T. Terry, Frank Drewes


/ 2020

Pick up the phone art 

with Valentina Galossi for Anja Schwörer 

bcma_berlin IGTV


/ 2019

Anja Schwörer 

6 May – 31 August 2019

Regensburger Str. 27 Berlin

Valentina Galossi Art Consultant for Kanzlei Hübel und Willutzki, Berlin


/ 2018

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Lecture: Exhibition Theory and History: Understanding the Contemporary Art Scene, Florian Schmidt and Valentina Galossi


/ 2018

Freunde von der Neue Nationalgalerie

Studio visit: Peter Welz, Schirin Kretschmann and Valentina Galossi


/ 2018

Lab – Life of Artists in Berlin: An Art Guide

Book release: Jochen Hempel Galerie, Berlin

artists talk with Tilo Schulz, Schirin Kretschmann and Valentina Galossi

Book tour: Libreria Fahrenheit 451, Rome

artists talk with Anja Schwörer, Anna Talens and Valentina Galossi

Screening: “Quella che cammina”, Eli Cortiñas


/ 2016

SUNDOWNER Franziska Pierwoss, Valentina Galossi, Rebecca Wilton, Timo Grimberg and Nils Mollenhauer

Sundowner #11,12,13,14,15,16,17 | Sidewalk Boogie Woogie, Andrea Winkler & Stefan Panhans, Lucas Odahara, Jana Engel, Arne Schmitt, Wilhelm Klotzek

27. 09 Artist Talk & Site Specific Intervention, Wilhelm Klotzek, Lyrik und gesprochener Text am Objekt (Praxis) Teil 3

30.08 Site Specific Intervention, Arne Schmitt – Mottoabend (1923)

09.08 Site Specific Sculpture, Characteristic Unity by Jana Engel

19.07 Site Specific works, Lucas Odahara

5.07 Live shooting for experimental film, Andrea Winkler & Stefan Panhans

31.05 Historical Intervention, Sidewalk Boogie Woogie


/ 2015

SUNDOWNER Franziska Pierwoss, Valentina Galossi, Rebecca Wilton and Timo Grimberg

NeueNationalgalerie, Berlin 

Sundowner #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 | Rebecca Wilton, Nils Mollenhauer, Albrecht Pischel, Christian Blumberg, Siska, Sandra Teigel, Claire Waffel, Pere Ferrera Bertran, Pascal Kress, 

Solmaz&Shirana&Setareh Shahbazi, Nico Ruffo, Sandino Scheidegger, Anna Talens

21.04 book launch, Rebecca Wilton, ‘La Fayette‘ 

16.06 text piece “Untitled (Left Blank #9)” by Nils Mollenhauer

30.06 booklet release and concert by Albrecht Pischel 

21.07 tape release “Music for E.D.L” by Christian Blumberg and publication “10 views on E.D.L” by Siska.

04.08 Azonto Special, Dance Performance Sandra Teigel 

11.08 “Kommerz was yesterday”, live performance by Claire Waffel with Pere Ferrera Bertran 

18.08 featuring The Book of ABCs by Pascal Kress 

1.09 “Bring Your Sister”, special bar by Solmaz, Shirana and Setareh Shahbazi

8.09 “Don’t talk To Strangers”, public exhibition, by Nico Ruffo & Sandino Scheidegger

22.09 Where the light dies: “The sanctuary of the Sun” and “The Golden Horizon”, Site Specific Project by Anna Talens



BOS Berlin Open Studio –

Eliana Heredia Studio

Talk: Teresa Giarcovich, Federico Villarino, Eliana Heredia, Valentina Galossi


Articles and Publication

Just in time, Marta Colombo’s catalog, Valentina Galossi, Berlin, 2022

Lab–Life of Artists in Berlin: An Art Book, Valentina Galossi, Bäesler Verlag, Berlin, 2018

Spielraum, Blue & Joy. Daniele Sigalot, Valentina Galossi, Miami Art Fair, 2016

Herbert Volkmann, Society Coma, Valentina Galossi, ArtNoise, 2014

Berlin art week-end 2013. Focus su Jong Oh e Oscar Murillo, Valentina Galossi, ArtNoise, 2013

SAMMLUNG BOROS. Boros Collection #2, Valentina Galossi, ArtNoise, 2013

Anish Kapoor. KAPOOR IN BERLIN, Valentina Galossi, ArtNoise, 2013

How Long is Now, Valentina Galossi, Faraway, so close!, Node Center, 2012 

Kasper Vang. When sound becomes space: Room of Dipaka, 

Valentina Galossi, Faraway, so close!, Node Center, 2012


Art Fairs 

/ 2012.

AAF, Rome

Assistant Valentina Galossi



abc. art berlin contemporary, Carsten Fock “Dignity and Courage”, Berlin 

Exhibitioner Gallery Jochen Hempel Gallery

Assistant Valentina Galossi



Spinnerei art week end, Leipzeig 

Exhibitioner Gallery Jochen Hempel Gallery

Assistant Valentina Galossi